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"I can honestly say that some of my families

best moments involved Corrie Mendes.

What I love most is how effortless she makes

things seem. She's never flustered or

hard to talk to. And she will make anything

you can imagine come to life.

I have come away from every event

beyond happy. I have no regrets and I actually get excited about my next party so I can work

with her again. She is very conscience of

your budget and make anything as big

or as small as you want. As you can

see I can't say enough about her!

I adore her and all the people she surrounds

herself with. Corrie is your one stop shop.

Every detail will be covered! Happy planning!!!!"

-Vanessa Lachey








"Corrie's attention to detail and

creativity have helped produce

some of our most beautiful


- Kim Kardashian


           "Corrie puts such effort into creating a more

        beautiful event than I could have ever imagined."

- Jen Atkin










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