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kourtney and travis gender reveal




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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Gender

(featured in People)


Christina Aguilera's Birthday

(featured in US Weekly)


Chrissy Teigen's West Coast Baby Shower

(featured in US Weekly)



Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower

(featured in US Weekly)



OUAI Product Launch

(featured in Pret-a-Reporter)
















"I can honestly say that some of my families

best moments involved Corrie Mendes.

What I love most is how effortless she makes

things seem. She's never flustered or

hard to talk to. And she will make anything

you can imagine come to life.

I have come away from every event

beyond happy. I have no regrets and I actually get excited about my next party so I can work

with her again. She is very conscience of

your budget and make anything as big

or as small as you want. As you can

see I can't say enough about her!

I adore her and all the people she surrounds

herself with. Corrie is your one stop shop.

Every detail will be covered! Happy planning!!!!"

-Vanessa Lachey



"Corrie's attention to detail and

creativity have helped produce

some of our most beautiful


- Kim Kardashian



"I absolutely love working with Corrie on all

my events.

She makes every aspect of planning

and creating so easy

and seamless.

From my own wedding to my kid's birthdays,

I couldn't have done it without Corrie's help."

-Simone Harouche-Bretter



           "Corrie puts such effort into creating a more

        beautiful event than I could have ever imagined."

- Jen Atkin









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